Obama’s Gun Report Backfires–Guns Save Lives

Obama wanted a report on gun violence, and he got one, just not the one he may have been wanting.

A recent study supervised by the CDC and carried out by the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council found that individuals involved in violent crimes who defended themselves with a gun were far less likely to be injured than those who were not carrying a firearm.

The report ended up finding more benefits in regards to open or concealed firearm carrying than negative side effects.  It is estimated that guns are used in defense up to 3 million times per year.  Compare that with the number of violent crimes involving firearms in 2008–300,000.

The study cites that since 1983, there have been approximately 547 victims and 476 injuries of mass shootings.  While a problem, mass shootings are not an epidemic as gun control advocates would have you believe.  To put those numbers into perspective, thousands of people are killed each year by bats and human hands as Anthony Gucciardi has detailed in ‘A Brief and Bloody History of Gun Control.’

In my opinion, the report also highlights the area of the gun debate that is going largely unanswered.  The report further confirms that most gun deaths are at the hands of those who used the gun for suicide–not homicide.  Suicide by guns outweighs the amount of deaths caused by violent crimes by 61%.  This is not a gun issue; this is a mental health issue, but the President and friends don’t want to focus on that side of things.

It will be interesting to see if President Obama makes use of this report in anyway.  If anything, the facts in this report are a perfect example of real-life statistics outweighing opinion, rumor, and engineered perception.

Sources:  http://www.blacklistednews.com/Woops!_Obama_Ordered_Gun_Report_Reveals_Guns_Actually_Save_Lives_/26952/0/0/0/Y/M.html

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  1. Jeffrey Dahn's Gravatar Jeffrey Dahn
    June 27, 2013    

    You can bet Obama will sweep this under the rug. And then he’ll lie about the statistics again.

  2. Earl Eastman's Gravatar Earl Eastman
    June 28, 2013    

    Te media will assist Obummer in keeping this story under wraps. Sad but those who need to know will not hear it. And those of us who already know are already armed. Molon labe.

  3. Robert Wilson's Gravatar Robert Wilson
    June 28, 2013    

    This article does some serious cherry-picking of the report’s findings.

    • caharris93@gmail.com's Gravatar caharris93@gmail.com
      June 28, 2013    

      Well it’s a 123 page report. Everything that I highlighted is in the report.

      • Robert Wilson's Gravatar Robert Wilson
        June 28, 2013    

        It’s certainly a lengthy report with data that provides evidence both for and against the dangers of guns in America, and I don’t expect you to summarize the whole thing! :) My criticism is that you just seem to have focused almost exclusively on the “pro” aspects in this article and then immediately poo-poo anyone who says anything different. There’s some very valid evidence that goes against the “pro” aspects in the article that were not mentioned. For instance, there’s no mention of how firearms injured or killed 105,000 Americans in 2010 alone–and how only 19,000 of those were suicides (page 6).

        Regardless, you don’t have to be “Fair and Balanced” like some larger media organizations. ;)

        Personally, I think the larger–and more immediately relevant issue–is the effectiveness of background checks and the elimination of the “gunshow loophole”–the sale of firearms from individual to individual with no background checks.

        Having sat on a federal grand jury for 2 years in a crime-ridden major city, every case that involved illegal use of a firearm was from someone who had been forbidden to possess said firearm. They just bought the weapons from private individuals–with the exception of the two or three instances where fully auto weapons were involved (which were acquired through other criminals, not law-abiding gun owners legally selling guns to convicted felons who lied to the gun owners selling them guns–a direct consequence of there being no background check required for private firearm sales and the “gunshow loophole”).

        While this report is a good start, further research is definitely required. Specifically, the point I bring up is addressed on page 4:

        “The exact number and distribution of guns and gun types in the United States are unknown, but for each of these populations, it would be valuable to have… information on the sources of the guns (i.e., licensed gun dealers, friends or relatives, gun traffickers, owners of stolen guns, and so on).”

        Clearly more research is needed.

        As a person who owns multiple firearms myself (and is a member of the NRA, a local sport shooting club, and an avid hunter), I’m rather concerned about how easy it would be for me, if I chose to sell my guns to another individual, to inadvertently sell them to someone who should not legally be in possession of a firearm. I don’t have superpowers that let me look at a person and see if they’re a felon or have mental problems. That requires a background check. And, flawed as the existing system for background checks is, it is far better than me–and other gun owners–making wild guesses or simply not caring.

        And, yes, I could always sell my guns through a firearms business, who would then have to do a background check to resell them, but shouldn’t every responsible gun owner want to take similar steps to ensure that they are responsibly selling their guns to similarly responsible gun owners?

  4. urstupidshutthefuckup's Gravatar urstupidshutthefuckup
    June 28, 2013    

    if i had a gun, I’d shoot you. u suck, boring looser.

    • Said, the loser.'s Gravatar Said, the loser.
      June 29, 2013    

      Clear example of a retarded American, saying stupid shit like this, that should not be in possession of a firearm.

      • caharris93@gmail.com's Gravatar caharris93@gmail.com
        July 1, 2013    

        Well, I am just relaying what the report that your President ordered concluded. Don’t argue with me; argue with the professionals that conducted the study. Have a nice day.

    • caharris93@gmail.com's Gravatar caharris93@gmail.com
      July 1, 2013    

      Nice argument. Seems strange that someone who wishes to take guns away would send a violent death threat. You can try to hide your email, but everything still logs your IP address. Have a nice day.

  5. August 22, 2013    

    What is the deal the font on your blog? It looks like the serial killer news paper clipping font with all the random sizes of letters. Could barely read it.

  1. Anonymous on June 27, 2013 at 5:58 pm
  2. Gun control - Page 211 on June 27, 2013 at 6:49 pm

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